Outbound & Inbound Contact Centre

Welcome Calling
Welcome calling is the process by which our trained and expert team ensure customer awareness about the product & welcomes new customer acquisition on board-it ensures that the product chosen and purchased by customer completely meets their requirements.
Data Validation by calling method (B2B/B2C)
Our process to validate data is proven or disapproved to be accurate and actionable. It doesn’t matter whether data is B2B, B2C or a combination of both; there are time-tested validation techniques that ensure the accuracy and viability of records.
Cross Verification
With shrinking geographical boundaries and increased use of information technology, misrepresentation of facts and falsification of documents have become practices
Service Calling
Our expert team will call and educate the relevant customer about the services that are offered.
Collection Calling
Our team will call and collect the data or things that required from target audiences.
Appointment Setting
Our team will set appointments for your customers so they connect to you easily, we provide various mediums to connect.
Follow Ups
Our team will Re-emphasize the business value for your behalf, keep sharing ideas & insights and in this process, we continue educating and do the follow ups for you or requirement of customers meet their expectations.
Telephone Auditing
The flexibility of this service makes it popular among organizations and individuals. The time taken to visit someone is saved as the whole exercise of auditing can be done through calling medium.
Inbound Customer Care
An inbound customer service facility works best when it provides customer an single point of contact for all their service questions and requirements.
Enquiry Handling
Customers have a query we rely in a jiffy all enquiries are handled in an effective manner to achieve the maximum satisfaction.
Online Chat Support
Increase business and customer satisfaction with online chat support so a customer doesn’t have to wait for a response. Its instant and fast.
E-mail support
We handle all your services through email right from promotion to customer support

Analytics and Market Research

Data Analytics
With experienced team and knowledge in visualizing and understanding large, complex data sets; We provide a variety of data analysis services tailored to your project needs. Comprehensive data analysis services from data validation to the creation of presentation material.
Media Monitoring and Analysis
We aggregate information gathered by traditional and social media content providers, using its software to compile and analyse that information-sometimes further redefined by human analysis.
Primary Research
We help primary research involving collection of data about a given subject directly from the real world.
Secondary Research
We help in secondary research making use of information previously researched for other purpose and publicly available.
Data Integration
Our team will help in combining data from disparate sources, which are stored using various technologies and provide a unified view of data.


Website Design
We design templates understanding your requirements in lease possible time and in the best interpretation way.
Logo Design, Brochure Design
We understand that all the businesses are unique and will help you in getting your logo or brochure designed as per your ideas.

Data Processing

Data Cleansing
Clean your data the way you want, provide the data set and we make it meaningful for you.
Data Capture from Various Sources
We help in data capture from various mediums in the information set meaningful to you.
Data Extraction and Capture
We upload documents that were formerly in paper format or actual digital files to an electronic document repository, extracting relevant data from them.
Catalogue Processing
Our expert team will take care of your catalogue and provide all necessary info be it from product description, technical aspects, features, images of the product-Will convert this into desired catalogue with a meaningful showcase.


Social Media Marketing
We design templates understanding your requirements in lease possible time and in the best interpretation way.
The easiest way to manage your brands on social media.

Media Selection
Posts & Campaigns focusing on key points
Re target website visitors and previously engaged audience
Custom Audience-Age, Gender & Geography
Schedule unlimited posts
Monitor what matters

Optimize your business with best keywords, the objective of SEO is to increase website's traffic and ultimately conversions by getting a higher position in SERP for the targeted keywords in the search query. We help our clients with best & high quality search engine optimization expertise at truly cost effective rates. We intend to bring your website the best rankings on the search page.
Online marketing strategy which involves paid website promotion on search engines to provide you better opportunities to engage with your customers. Get delivered targeted solutions and measure every penny that you spent. We quantify your campaign with known variables like per click rates, conversion rate optimization, traffic lead generation, campaign specific traffic and traffic reports from search and paid categories.

Keyword research
Campaign Creation and mapping
Ad Creation
Bid Management
Geo Localization

Direct Mail Coupon Mailers
We mail your coupons to best target audience.
E-Mail Marketing
Mail your target audience in the best way, specially customized for them so you gain the maximum attention.
SMS Campaign
We run SMS campaigns for your business promotions.