We are end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider for some of the world’s biggest and best eCommerce brands. Our mission is to optimize your operations to increase sales and profit.

By providing the highest-quality support and optimization to the world’s top eCommerce companies with flexible workforce of domain experts.


Large eCommerce operations requires an unprecedented amount of workforce.

Trefteal provides you an expertly-trained and highly diverse workforce,which is capable of creating SKU based products, validating catalog quality, ad banners and optimizing your supply chain.

By deploying flexible workforce we will help you reaping huge savings in your operational budget while grow your revenue.

Here are our few services that we provide

Category Management
Defining Categories
Attribute Management
Attribute Sets
Attributes and Attribute Values
Filter Attributes
Mandatory & Non mandatory attributes
Product/SKU Management
Product/SKU creation
Bulk Products
Widget Management
Menu Management
Seller Management
Order Management